Team Building @ A Farm Life

Manufacture your perfect day to suit your specific needs. Find potential leaders or test individuals over a series of tasks, compete against another team or work as a big team – mix and match from the following;

Leadership Development – Explore Leadership within a team, company or organisation and partake in a bespoke package of ice breakers, military style leaderless/leaderled command tasks with hot debrief and optional detailed reports on individual/team performance.

The ‘Thame Teaser’ – a day team challenge navigating across local area taking part in challenges and solving riddles at check points to complete the mission.

Survival Skills – Learn skills from experienced military personnel and put them to the test, learn how to navigate using the stars, make fire using seven different methods, foraging, shelter construction and much more…

Game Butchery/Cook off – Learn how to skin a rabbit, pluck a pheasant or debreast a pigeon and butcher into joints and cook on the fire pit in teams to be graded by the expert judges.

Clay Shooting/Rifle target shooting –  Learn a new skill whilst fostering team spirit and boosting camaraderie amongst colleagues. A great leveller – unlike some team day activities anyone and everyone can do this. Fitness and mobility are not an issue here; all participants have a sense of equality within this fully inclusive activity. 

Book a consultation with Kate to assist in coordinating the best itinerary for you and your team.