Shoot @ A Farm Life

We understand that if you have not shot before, the large corporate shooting school may be a daunting experience. A Farm Life offers bespoke, private shooting experiences with one-to-one tuition suited to your needs. Kate is a qualified CPSA Clay Target Shooting Instructor, and with her experience instructing in the Army, provides well-structured lessons to develop the individual shot.

The more experienced shot is also welcome to hone their skills, perhaps prior to the shooting season or a public competition. Kate brings many years experience of shooting game and also can provide tailored packages to teach the intricacies of shooting etiquette, and guided pigeon-shooting or deer-stalking, season depending. She also loads on game days if you need that extra confidence on an invited game day.

Pricing is all dependant upon requirements and a bespoke package tailored to you but the following gives you a ball park figure. Prices are per person with use of shotgun, clays, cartridges, safety equipment and one to one tuition included. 

Why not bring the family or a group of friends camping and Kate will organise a fun shooting competition whilst you cook up a barbecue?


Clay Target Shooting

Number of ClaysPrice

“We live by the statement that anything is possible and would like to chat further about your event or educational/developmental ideas that you may have for here on the farm and will quote for a bespoke package accordingly”